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B2B Marketing Manifesto Tweets

And we’re off!

It’s almost two weeks since we launched the B2B Marketing Manifesto, and now it’s time peel back the cloth for Project Open Kimono – our commitment to a transparent Manifesto campaign.

It’s a six month marathon, not a two week sprint, but every good B2B marketer knows the value of a good first impression.

So where are we now?
Well, we’re delighted and a little relieved (you never really know what’s going to happen) to say that now the kimono is open, there’s something substantial to show off (do tell us when this metaphor gets too… graphic).

It’s too early to report on everything but the top level stats are pleasing:

  • 186 downloads from a target of 1000
  • 158 completed forms from a target of 200
  • 1 serious new business discussion from a target of 2
  • 2 new business contacts to be fully explored
  • 25 comments from a target of 50 (Join the debate and make your mark)
  • 200 per cent rise in views of our existing content library

And we haven’t even promoted the Manifesto to our database yet — this is just from a very small dose of online PR and social media.
B2B Marketing Downloads from Google Analytics
Not too shabby and a long, long way to go, but it’s fair to say that the experiment is already turning interesting.

Early Lessons
If you want a fast start then it makes sense to work with the channels that can spin on a sixpence: social media and online PR.

Doug’s already written about how to get the B2B marketing community working and here are two analytical lessons from that work.

Lesson One – Twitter Value
As you can see from our top graphic the Twitter response to the Manifesto has been phenomenal.

We’ve counted at least 80 tweets and retweets, from some of B2B marketing’s best known and respected faces, with literally thousands of followers (if I ever get a spare week I’ll count them all up). So you’d think that Twitter provides bulk of our visitors and downloads, right? Wrong.

B2B Marketing Manifesto Twitter Report From Google

As the Google Report shows the frenetic Twitter activity has actually delivered 55 visits (significantly below the number of tweets), and thanks to an above average abandonment rate, only 18 downloads.

Even if we take into consideration the preview books emailed out beforehand it’s a pretty revealing statistic. There are a couple conclusions to take away from this:

Does that mean Twitter is over-valued? That depends on what you’re after, but the data (so far) shows Twitter working harder as buzz generator than a lead generator. We like a buzz though.

2. Lesson Two – Online PR
We’ve also charted the impact of our online PR efforts with a number of bloggers, aggregators and media.

It’s harder to hear the noise, but it’s quietly (very) effective.

B2B Marketing Manifesto Online PR Report from Google Analytics

Our online PR activity performs well on visits, downloads and engagement against Twitter and, importantly to our campaign metrics, compares favourably to our campaign benchmark: the B2B Content Marketing Workbook launch.

A few respected, thoughtful bloggers can do more for your conversion rates than a multitude of Tweets. It’s important to follow measurement right down your funnel where unexpected results often appear.

A Twitter buzz if great but don’t mistake the noise as a sign that all your campaign metrics will be flowing. Sharing great content through your community with respect and reciprocity can overcome the barriers to conversion. We call it ‘earned influence’. It’s harder than a 140 character tweet but well worth the effort.

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