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If you’re looking at this page, you’re in what we call ‘the later stages of the B2B purchase journey’.

To celebrate, let us buy you a cuppa.

We’re tucked away in the Poppy Factory in Richmond, a few metres from the Thames in one direction and a few hundred from Richmond Park in the other.  It’s a nice place to work. And visit. So visit.

Coming by train

It’s a quick train journey to Velocity from the centre of London. The fast train from Waterloo takes 10 minutes (tip: look for the’ fastest train to Richmond’ on the main electronic notice board in the station  forecourt). Or you can come via the District line (the green one). This takes a little longer and you need to make sure you get on a Richmond train or you’ll end up somewhere surprising.

From the station

We’re maybe ten minutes walk from the Station. Go out the front of the station and go left.  Keep walking through Richmond centre – past lots of shops. Round a left-hand bend and past more shops. Past the Odeon cinema (getting close!). Past the top of Richmond Bridge and along what is now the Petersham Road (not up Richmond Hill; stay on the road with Bill’s and GBK and a Fish & Chip shop and she-she housewares place and stuff). We’re maybe 100 yards on the left, set back from the road in the big, white Poppy Factory building. First floor (second floor to Yanks — sheesh).

You can find us at:

Velocity Partners Ltd
The Poppy Factory
20 Petersham Road
TW10 6UR

Tel: +44 (0)208 940 4099