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B2B’s best weapon: Hot-blooded, deeply human creative that turns heads and earns attention

Your buyers are inundated with anaemic crap that’s made for everyone but moves no-one. Shake them awake with something crafted specifically for them.

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Deep in our weird little hearts, we’re convinced of one thing: smart, confident, helpful, entertaining stories told with attitude, energy and integrity are the only way to earn attention. Marketers who always color inside the lines may not feel we’re the safest choice of B2B content marketing agency — but the real risk is marketing that fades into the oblivion of sameness.

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My favourite thing about Velocity is consistent quality. As a content manager at a global brand like Salesforce I have to deliver a high volume of content that keeps up with ever-evolving brand standards. I can trust Velocity to deliver on that.

Gauthier Ginistry

Product Marketing Specialist  |  Salesforce


B2B decisions are as emotional as B2C. Maybe more: they’re higher-stakes and too complex for even the slickest features matrix. Great design speaks to the gut, where decisions are actually made (the brain scurries in later to rationalize stuff).

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Any savvy digital marketer knows: how you make stuff matters as much as what you make. So yes: we build accessible sites and experiences people want to click on. But we do that using simple, flexible, reliable and future-proof design systems — so your imagination (and not your CMS) dictates how your digital footprint grows.

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Our web team is extremely impressed by Velocity’s web redesign work. They want to use Velocity’s web process as the template for other third party vendors to follow when helping redesign Citrix web properties.

Carlos Mendez

Principal Product Marketing and Brand Manager  |  Citrix

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Stan Woods | 07. 06. 2024

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