The B2B Marketing Manifesto: Five Imperatives and Six Staples for Winning the Battle for Attention

The New B2B Marketing Manifesto

B2B marketers unite!

You have nothing to lose but your lousy response rates.

There’s never been a more exciting – or a scarier– time to be a B2B marketer.

It’s not about social media, the web, or email. It’s about a completely new mindset, new buyer behaviours and a shiny new set of tools to address it all.

The Manifesto starts with a call to action and a plea for ambition.

We then look at what’s really changed in B2B (it’s not what most people think).

Then we touch on the barriers that stand between you and glory.

Finally, we identify what you can do about it: five imperatives and six B2B staples — the new weapons in your arsenal, waiting to be deployed. Including:

• What a world view is and why you need one
• Why B2B marketing ‘chops’ are essential to your success
• How thinking beyond digital is the future
• Why exposing your beliefs can be a powerful differentiator
• The six things B2B marketing people really need to get good at, now.

This is the new era of B2B marketing: it’s exciting, challenging, scary – and there’s really no going back.

The only question is: what are you going to do about it?

Click to get the manifesto.


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