Our Cookies Policy

We use cookies to understand how you use our site. This policy explains what they are, how we use them, and how you can switch them off if you want.

As with the privacy policy, if it’s not doing its job, send us an email about it at london [at] velocitypartners [dot] com and we’ll get back to you to clarify as fast as we can.

Let’s dive in.

What exactly are cookies?

Sadly, these aren’t gooey, delicious baked goods. We’re actually talking about small text files which get stored on your computer or mobile phone.

Cookies basically act as a ‘memo’ on the website — they store your settings, so that the website recognises you when you come back. This way, it behaves like something you’ve been to before — filling in your preferences for example.

Cookies can store a bunch of different information, including personally identifiable stuff like your name and email address. They can only store information you’ve shared with us (through a form, for instance).

Our website can’t access that information — or any other files — from your computer or mobile phone. That would be weird.

What types of cookies are we using?

There are different types of cookies that remember different types of information. We have two types of cookies in the Velocity cookie jar:

Analytics and performance cookies

These cookies track the performance of the website. It means we can work out how many visitors we have, and how often they come back. It also gives us some insight into which pages people like, or what links get clicked on the most. So we can give ourselves a pat on the back when a blog post does well.

The data is anonymous unless you previously signed up to our mailing list or commented on the blog. Even then, the cookies mainly remember the information you gave us, but they also hold on to some inferred data points like location and referrals.

Third-party social plug-in cookies

If you share one of our blog posts using the social media sharing buttons, the relevant social network will track that action through their own cookies. Crucially, we don’t share our cookies. So we can’t access that info, just like they can’t access ours.

What types of cookies are we definitely not using?

We don’t currently (as of the 11th of May 2018) use any type of advertising or third-party advertising cookies. Because we don’t advertise any services other than our own (and we use content to do that, thank you very much). We also don’t buy or receive any data from third parties. This may change in the future, though. But when it does, we’ll update this thing to reflect that.

How do you turn them off?

As of the 25th of May 2018, we need your explicit consent to use certain kinds of cookies. So you can just opt out when you first visit the website and that will be that.

Alternatively, you can usually turn off all cookies in your browser settings — either for the internet at large, or the Velocity website in particular, as you prefer. The settings usually live in the Options or Preferences menu of your browser.

If you’re not sure where to find them, the different browser help pages will point you in the right direction.