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Recombinant innovation: Why B2B marketing collaboration is worth the effort

This is one of a series of blogs about the changing B2B Go-To-Market landscape. You can check out the others in the series at the bottom of this piece. If…

Gated content locks out leads — so why keep doing it?

Most B2B marketers understand what you get from gated content: leads in ever-decreasing numbers. But very few know what it costs you.

9 new performance marketing metrics to measure how you’re impacting revenue

Most B2B performance marketing metrics come from web analytics. We’ve created 9 new custom measures for B2B content. Enjoy.

The Relationship Between Content Marketing and SEO? It’s Complicated.

There’s a lot written about content marketing and SEO. But very little from the content side. We need to do more (in every way).

How to create a content-powered demand generation system

Too many content marketers struggle to integrate with a demand generation system. And it costs leads and revenue. The answer is a joined-up content engine.

How to create performance marketing KPIs

Performance marketing KPIs are hard to come by. And that’s a crying shame. Let us show you the seven steps that lead to KPIs that make you a performance…

03. 12. 2018

What is the future of content marketing?

The future of content marketing means evolving from a production to a performance mindset. Learn to apply creative content in demand generation and ABM…

07. 11. 2018

10 Tales from 10 Years At Velocity Partners

Neil’s just celebrated his ten year anniversary at Velocity. Today, he tells us, and everybody else, the ten things that stand out from the past decade. Let…

22. 10. 2018

Content Lego: How to unlock latent value from your marketing

I don’t like fads: never have, never will. That’s why the advertising industry – for the whole of January – pisses me right off. Will that…

21. 12. 2016

The Numbers Game: 8 Content Marketing Accountability Steps

I loved Chad Pollit’s post Content Marketing World post on why “Google Ruined Content Marketing”. Chad puts Google’s long tail in his firing line…

11. 10. 2016

Content Marketing Analytics: What’s The Point?

I’ve got a reputation as a low reactor. I’ve not done much to earn it, but, when you think about it, that makes sense. Not much gets my dander up:…

27. 05. 2016

Bridging Marketing Automation’s Progress Trap

Today’s commercial success seems to be defined by a relentless march (quarter-by-quarter, investment-by-investment, system-by-system) for more. The…

17. 05. 2016