B2B marketing strategy

The best B2B marketing has confident, clear-eyed answers to the hardest questions.

It’s about dialing in focus, making clear choices on complex issues and finding the people that care the most about the stuff you do best.

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Positioning & messaging

A position isn’t just where you fit in the market. It’s about zeroing in on the customers most ready to care; going after your juiciest opportunities with a clear, galvanizing story; and rousing the right people into action. All our best work starts here.

Velocity has become an extension of our team and we love working with them. Nothing’s ever a problem. I can’t sing their praises highly enough.

Emma Richards

VP of Marketing  |  OnProcess

Visual identity

Say it with us: your visual identity is an embodiment of your strategy. Great brands aim higher than elegant, energetic or engaging; they articulate your offering, your mission and your charisma before your audience ever reads a word. Decouple design from strategy and you get decoration. Marry them together and you get magic.

I’ve loved working on a new positioning and brand identity with Velocity. When we revealed the rebrand to our internal team everyone was blown away by the calibre of the work.

Lauren Jinkerson

Senior Manager, Segment Marketing  |  Geotab

Content strategy

You can buy impressions, sure. But trust, attention and performance outcomes are earned — through great stories that solve hard problems with real vision. It’s no longer about random acts of content; it’s about strategic, always-on programs that waltz perfect prospects to Sales’ doorstep.

Beef up your brand

Persuasive marketing takes clear, confident vision … and a really deft touch with your stakeholders.

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Further reading for B2B nerds

Maybe you live, breathe and sleep B2B. Maybe you just want to sound smart at your next planning sesh. Either way: we have stuff for that.

Content as community

Social media is rented land, and marketers need to stop building on it.

Stan Woods | 07. 06. 2024

The new B2B marketing manifesto

Find out what’s changed since we released our first manifesto 14 years ago, why brand is a forgotten superpower — and what to do now.

Stan Woods | 30. 05. 2024

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