Come fix B2B’s mediocrity problem

Selling complicated tech to experts (who often hate marketing) isn’t an easy gig. So it’s no surprise most B2B marketing kind of falls flat. Working here is about not taking “meh” for an answer—by aiming for clear, creative, compelling stuff that gets clever people clicking.

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Why Velocity

We’re B2B nerds constantly learning how to alchemize the things that make B2B marketing shine. Attitude. Authority. Performance. Honesty.

It’s not a job for everyone. But if the thought of cracking hard problems for brilliant clients with fascinating tech and big ambitions gives you a little spine tingle, read on.






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If you’ve got the skills, we’ve got the role

If you can write circles around the typical big-agency hack; if you can think your way into a paper bag and back out again; if you dream in web design and brand identity; if you can drive the gnarliest projects home with the grace of a figure skater: we wanna talk to you.

But we won’t know that unless you get in touch.

Current openings

If you’re reading this, just apply already. B2B-background or not, if you’re interested and interesting then we wanna talk to you.

If you don’t see any openings below, click “Email us” anyway — get in touch tell us what you should do here. We’ve created roles from thin air for people that excited us before and by god, we’ll do it again.

Paid Media Specialist – London/ Hybrid

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Send us your CV and anything else you think worthwhile. Like chocolate or pictures of your dog.

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Let’s fill in the blanks for you.

Here’s the truth: Velocity has a little magic in it. But it’s the Schrödingery kind that gets harder to quantify the more you observe it. Nevertheless: click here to read our attempt at capturing what makes this place tick.  
We get to solve the hardest problems for the most interesting businesses in the world. It’s fascinating. It’s busy. It’s frustrating. It’s a privilege. Sometimes it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Sometimes it’s like breaking rocks with your forehead. We wouldn’t wanna do anything else.  
The kind of people who click on this stuff is a good start. But beyond feeding our vanity, here are some contrasting adjectives we like a lot: smart-but-funny, talented-but-kind, humble-but-confident.  
Same as everyone else: we’re trying to figure out how to get the best from the flexibility of hybrid without losing the magic of in-person collaboration. Right now that looks like 1-2 days a week in the office, though we’ve also hired fully-remote folks when the circumstances were right.  
  • A great company culture well set up for hybrid working
  • 25 holiday days pro rata
  • Additional time off between Christmas and New Year
  • Switchable Public Holidays
  • Pension: 5% employer contribution on qualifying earnings (after first 3 months)
  • A big focus on personal development, also with training time and budget
  • Loads of social stuff: summer parties, end of year parties, ‘organised’ fun and organic interest/hobby groups.
  • Volunteer/Community days
  • Life Insurance
  • Plus region-specific benefits
Well that’s the million dollar question isn’t it. But you can’t mandate culture. Right now our strategy boils down to: hire people that inspire each other and make space for them to come together in the ways that suit them. It’s working so far.