Performance Marketing

B2B performance marketing is the foundation of every lead-generating, pipeline-building marketing operation.

B2B performance marketing at Velocity is made up of four interwoven practices: Campaigns, Analytics, SEO and Marketing Operations.

Individually they make pockets of your marketing better. But together, they focus and optimize your creative firepower around the activities, audiences, messages, channels and tactics that drive your business forward.

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Campaigns and always-on marketing

We specialize in content-driven campaigns that build demand and drive leads in the same motion. To do that, we begin every campaign with a strategic blueprint that turns key questions into intentional tactics. Questions like:

  • What are our objectives?
  • What KPIs will serve those objectives?
  • Who is our audience?
  • What data do we have on them?
  • What messaging will galvanize them?
  • Which channels will reach them?
  • How are our systems configured to serve those channels?

The best performing campaigns are always-on — continually fed, measured and optimized by The Velocity Spin Cycle.

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  •  Nurture /
  •  Website performance /
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Velocity’s performance team are a no-bullshit running mate. They feel my pains, but also help me push through them to get back to being excited about my work as a marketer.

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UK Head of Marketing  |  LiveRamp


We get forensic with your whole marketing operation — across your site, your campaigns, your search and social channels and beyond — to serve three key activities:

  • Provide a baseline for KPIs
  • Develop hypotheses for creative optimization
  • Deliver reporting infrastructure

There’s a world of crunchy metrics and insight-led improvement beneath these areas. But the big picture is a clear path towards understanding what works, and doubling down on it.

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Exceptional creative isn’t worth a Dogecoin if no one can find it. Consumer SEO people tend to get B2B SEO wrong because they don’t get up-close and granular with the actual technology (so you end up competing for flabby, unwinnable terms like ‘cloud computing’).

We do technical and content-led SEO the B2B way: by really understanding how your prospects think about their world; creating experiences they actually find valuable; and optimizing everything up the virtual wazoo.

Learn more about B2B SEO

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Marketing Operations

Marketing operations is where your campaign ambitions make contact with reality. So many marketing campaigns underperform because underlying systems and operational processes aren’t configured to support the desired outcome.

Maybe you’re implementing or migrating to a new marketing automation tool. Maybe you’re figuring out how to score, track and nurture MQLs-to-SQLs-to-pipeline. Maybe you’re running and measuring multi-touch campaigns with revenue attribution.

Whatever you’re doing, marketing operations is the infrastructure and process roadmap between where you’re at and where you’re aiming.

  •  Tech stack /
  •  Data strategy /
  •  Lead management /
  •  Building & testing /
  •  Sales & Marketing alignment /
  •  Reporting /

Is your marketing earning its keep?

Even with the best creative in the world, marketing without performance is like spitting in the wind. Bring us your underperforming campaigns, your page-ranking woes, your sieve-like funnels. We’ll fix you right up.

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