When brands treat customers like one big customer

Don’t you hate it when brands lump you in with all customers and presume to speak for you? Oh, it’s just me…

18. 12. 2014

Getting a B2B content marketing job at Velocity

What we look for when we interview candidates for jobs at Velocity. Well, Doug’s view anyway.

27. 11. 2014

There are two types of creatives. (There. I said it.)

It’s nice to think every creative’s different. But we usually fit into one of these two buckets.

18. 11. 2014

Slideshare 3.0

Pushing the Slideshare boundaries a bit further – an experiment.

17. 11. 2014

Killing your babies.

An interview with Martin Oberhäuser, information designer.

17. 10. 2014

My Brain Hurts: The Marketing Profs B2B Marketing Forum

I went to Marketing Profs B2B Forum and you didn’t so I got the swag and all you get is this silly write-up

11. 10. 2014

Join us for a screening of Linotype: The Film

We’re putting on a screening of Linotype: The Film, together with our friends at BrandPerfect (Monotype). Coming?

10. 10. 2014

Keep it structured, stupid

Why a lack of structure is the ultimate killer of content quality (and other breaking news)

29. 09. 2014

A review of reviews of Ann Handley’s ‘Everybody Writes’

Everybody is writing reviews of Ann’s new book. This is a review of the better reviews. It’s silly.

26. 09. 2014

Book Review: Global Content Marketing

Global content marketing is a unique beast. Pam Didner helps you tame it in this short, clear, practical book.

21. 09. 2014

A test drive of Snip.ly, a cool social sharing tool

We tried Snip.ly, a cool new content sharing widget. And we like it! With small caveats. Here’s our test drive.

17. 09. 2014

What just happened? Content Marketing World 2014

For a content marketer, a trip to Content Marketing World in Cleveland is like a 6-year-old kid getting a three-day pass to Disneyworld — all rides…

13. 09. 2014