Slideshare 3.0

Not too long ago, you got really good traction by only putting your presentation on Slideshare. The job at hand was to convince your clients to actually share something on the platform. Not a very hard sell since you could easily embed the slideshare on your website, too. Plus the platform was growing like crazy. (Useful stat for your next pub quiz: Slideshare now has around 58 million unique visitors a month.)

Then more and more slideshares popped up. Which is obviously a good thing, because every marketer loves a wide and growing audience they can market to. This was where you could stand out with great design and copy. Because let’s be honest, most of the slideshare documents looked like….ehhhm…. shit? And sounded bohoooooring. Very very old-school. (Did we already mention how much we love powerpoint?)

But now, more and more slideshares pop up that are absolutely stunning. The copy is shard-sharp and the design is über-slick. We love great slideshares but at the same time, the sweat pearls on our foreheads are getting bigger and bigger.

The big question: what’s next to stand out in the crowd?

The challenge is to find new ways to push the medium even further. Here’s our first experiment – using Slideshare in a way not intended: as a user-powered animation platform. We think it’s a first and we are really proud of this baby. Hope you like it as much as we do. Check out the full post on the Evolution of a Salesperson here on Salesforce’s UK blog.

The Evolution of a Salesperson from Salesforce.

(A big thank you to Salesforce for allowing us to experiment on their behalf.)


Reliant on decent load times to get the full effect, but I LOVE this concept. Keep pushing that envelope guys, kudos.

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