Join us for a screening of Linotype: The Film

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Doug Kessler

10. 10. 2014 | 2 min read

Join us for a screening of Linotype: The Film

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We love everything about type.

We love the infinite variety — from the thorny serifs on Bruce Rogers’s Centaur to the quirky elegance of W.A. Dwiggins’s Metro* to the matter-of-fact chunkiness of a Rockwell.

We love wood type and metal type and photo type and digital type.

And we love the history of type and printing.

That’s why we’re presenting, along with our friends at Monotype and their wonderful portal BrandPerfect, a special screening of Linotype: The Film, including a talk with its director, Doug Wilson.

The film is the story of one of the weirdest, most wonderful contraptions ever invented: the linotype machine. Here’s a trailer:


The meet-up and screening will take place at London’s Roxy Bar & Screen, close to London Bridge, on Thursday, November 13, and run from 5–8pm with drinks and nibbles (we’ll no doubt move on to someplace after).

It’s free to our friends but with limited space, so let us know if you’d like to be on the invite list. Sorry if we fill up before you get your ticket.

As it’s close to Remembrance Sunday, we will ask for a donation of £10 with all of the proceeds going to The Poppy Factory, a wonderful UK-based charity. The Poppy Factory provides work for disabled veterans at its headquarters in Richmond, Surrey and helps injured and out-of-work ex-service men and women find work with commercial organisations all over the UK.

Invitations will be going out shortly, so mark your diary if you’re ready to release your inner type geek.




* and its recent restoration/reinvention, Metro Nova, by Toshi Omagari. (Which is the font used in the Linotype film.) (Produced by Monotype) (which bought Linotype way back when).



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