The B2B Content Marketing Tutorial

A quick guide for marketers

If you’ve read the B2B Marketing Manifesto or the Content Marketing Workbook,
you’re already hip to the power of B2B content marketing.

But you need a bit of practical help on the process side of content marketing – and you’re big and ugly enough to admit it. So here’s the first in our series on  ’The Six Staples of B2B Marketing’, covering the seven (it’s a long story) essential weapons for every B2B marketing arsenal.

Number one is The B2B Content Marketing Tutorial: a short, interactive guide built
in Prezi for your browsing pleasure. And for a way deeper dive, do check out The B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist. It’s the secret weapon of thousands of content marketers.

(Hint: view it in Full Screen Mode — it’s much better that way.)

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