You’re going to make a marketing blueprint today

Welcome to the Big, Beautiful B2B Blueprint.

This is a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks guide to a new, unified Go-To-Market that slam-dunks your wildest KPIs.

There are two parts:


Download the blueprint workbook

A practical guide with follow-along examples from MooSoft™, a not-at-all-made-up agritech business

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Access the blueprint exercise book

Hands-on exercises to build your own launch-ready marketing blueprint

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WTF is a marketing blueprint?

That’s a great question. You want the 10-second version or the two-minute version?

The 10-second version

B2B marketing is evolving on all sides. A marketing blueprint is a connected master plan designed to increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities — by unifying your creative strategy, tech stack and GTM processes into a high-performing and revenue-driving campaign.

























The two-minute version

Here’s the problem. After finally getting a seat at the Top Table, Marketing is blowing it:

  • Pipeline and revenue targets are moving in opposite directions (while paid media fills the funnel with sugar rush leads who’ll never buy)
  • Lead quality is at an all-time low (pushy sales activation campaigns try to capture demand they haven’t earned)
  • Brand building is non-existent (you’re spending 100% of your resources fighting over the 5% of buyers actually in-market — and saying nothing to the other 95%)
  • Rampant siloization (Sales and Marketing barely speak, and there’s an abundance of data with a shortage of insight)

The result is razor-sharp creativity and rock-solid campaign planning are lucky to brush past each other in a PowerPoint — let alone work together in one integrated plan.

A marketing blueprint fixes that — it’s an end-to-end GTM bible that turns creative ideas into high-performing campaigns. Here’s what one looks like:

  1. The universal audit
    A hardcore fact-finding mission into the efficacy of your marketing operation
  2. The context
    A pragmatic brief that surfaces objectives from your audit
  3. Goals and KPIs
    A translation of your objectives into clear marketing goals and metrics
  4. Audience
    A deep dive into the ideal customer profile(s) that’ll move your business
  1. Creative platform
    The killer ideas, messages and content pieces that’ll inspire your audience to act
  2. Channel strategy
    The places your audience hangs out and the moves you need to reach them
  3. Sales and marketing alignment
    A map for Sales and Marketing teams to get back into bed with each other
  4. Technical considerations
    The implementation steps you need to prime your blueprint to succeed
  5. Reporting
    The mechanisms to track effectiveness against your defined KPIs
  6. Next steps and owners
    Who does what, when and in what order

The work won’t be easy but it will be satisfying as hell

The workbook and exercise book contain everything you need to build your own marketing blueprint.


Blueprint workbook

Start with the workbook: it’s an end-to-end instruction manual that takes you through the 10 sections listed above, with a practical, not-at-all-fictional example to follow along with.


Blueprint exercise book

Once you’re comfortable with the workbook, take a swing at completing the exercise book. If you complete the whole thing, congratulations: you’re ready to take that sucker to market.

And if you get stuck, don’t panic. Shoot us a note and we’ll try to unstick you.