The B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist is born

The Velocity team are kind of excited about our latest chunky piece of best-practice advice for content marketers.

It’s called The Content Marketing Strategy Checklist: a Big, Fat, Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Guide for B2B Marketers and it’s all about the most important thing B2B marketers can be doing right now: content strategy.

Why is it time for content strategy?

  • Because content marketing has gone mainstream – we’ve leapt over Moore’s Chasm and crossed Gladwell’s Tipping Point (wheee!) and now everybody is generating content. Including your competitors. So it’s no longer good enough to have an eBook: you need a plan of action for your content.
  • Because you have unlimited opportunity but a limited budget – so you want to make sure you’re producing and promoting the content that will make the biggest impact on your business.
  • Because strategy will drive process – and process is the next big challenge: specifically the processes that go into building a scalable and sustainable content machine. Think of it as an in-house publishing operation. You wouldn’t want to build one of those without a strategy to guide it.

So that’s what the Big Fat Content Marketing Strategy Checklist is all about. Helping you ask and answer the big questions that should drive your content efforts. AND helping you plan your very next piece of content.

We’ve put a lot of work into the Checklist and got fantastic feedback from some great content marketers (who we thank on page 33).

The Checklist has been out for about two hours and we’re already feeling a bit of a buzz building. But buzz doesn’t last very long in this crazy, zany, multi-channel, über-social world of ours. So we know we’ve got our work cut our for us promoting this thing.

We’ll track our activities and experiments relating to the Checklist in a new blog series called Diary of a Content Pimp (like we did in Project Open Kimono, our living case study around the B2B Marketing Manifesto). So we hope you’ll download the Checklist, give us a comment on the landing page, share it wildly with your eager followers and come back for updates from the Content Pimp.


Great piece of work – really well put together. Well done guys!

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