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Marketing your business model: the killer differentiator

Some of the highest-impact disruptors in the last few decades haven’t really been technology innovations. They’ve been business model…

7 books for B2B writers, editors and readers

I love books about writing. Here are seven terrific books for people who want to improve their writing (and reading).

10. 01. 2023

Generative AI for B2B content marketing is here

Generative AI has tipped. It’s finally good enough to be a part of a lot of brands’ content creation process. Cue the backlash.

08. 12. 2022

An AI writing tool wrote this post. Really.

I didn’t think an AI writing tool could crank out a credible blog post. I was wrong.

30. 11. 2022

The inevitable Web 3.0 Backlash

The pattern is as old as plaid and paisley: A new thing comes along. Some people get really excited about the new thing. Some people get over-excited about…

Why we’re so inspired by the MNDA mission statement

We’ve read a lot of Mission Statements. Most suck. This one is pretty great.

Why I hate the ‘Cover the Logo’ test

The ‘cover the logo’ test kills great ideas—because people don’t get how brands work.

The Great Shift: a new marketing mindset for a new era

The biggest change in B2B marketing is invisible: it’s a new marketing mindset that comes from two entirely new forces. And it changes everything.

Ecosystem Marketing part 2: A conversation with Scott Brinker

No one knows more about B2B app marketplace marketing than Scott Brinker. So we interviewed him about it.

B2B ecosystem marketing: three app marketplace plays

The marketplaces of the big B2B platforms have become major sources of revenue. Maybe it’s time we took them seriously as a channel…

15 Web 3.0 ideas for B2B marketers

Get your Web 3.0 thinking caps on, beeple. It’s time to innovate.

Why B2B folks need to learn about Web 3.0 now

Web3, crypto, blockchain, NFTs and decentralization are changing the world. No really. Get learning.