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One of the amazing — and often infuriating — things about B2B marketing is that it’s always changing. It isn’t for the complacent: it’s messy, fun and WIP as hell. That’s why we share the lessons we’re picking up as we clamber along the learning curve.

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Latest posts

    How to stop teaching granny to suck eggs

    We’re non-experts marketing to experts – that can be a nail-biting thing. Here are a few ways to help teach experts without boring the pants off them.

    Helena Aziz | 16. 08. 2022

    Let’s Steal From Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa once said: “If I focus on the masses, I will never act. If I focus on the one, I will.” Now look.Normally the Venn diagram of sainthood…

    Cameron Williams | 02. 08. 2022

    Webflow is making us better digital designers

    We’d like to tell you about a tool that we (the Design team at Velocity) have recently started experimenting with to create web content.  Actually,…

    Sara Chrostowska Degiorgi | 11. 07. 2022

    The inevitable Web 3.0 Backlash

    The pattern is as old as plaid and paisley: A new thing comes along. Some people get really excited about the new thing. Some people get over-excited about…

    Doug Kessler | 28. 06. 2022

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