LeasePlan goes vroom

The world’s biggest vehicle leasing company has a hell of a lot of expertise locked up inside it. Our job: harvest that expertise and package it up into compelling content that helps fleet managers and procurement pros make better decisions.

A new look for content

We worked from the corporate guidelines to inject some new content devices to do all the cool new things we needed to do.

A leasing content hub

Innovations are very powerful – but also kind of scary in an industry worried about driver support and welfare. The content hub explains how innovation and driver management are really willing bedfellows:


We loved doing this video, working with our two of our favourite animators, the mad Uruguayans, Seb & Clim:

It’s all about utility

LeasePlan content is there to help people do their jobs better and understand all the dynamics and variables of fleet management. That means hard-working, authoritative content that’s clear, inviting and fun to consume: