Helping Calm make work a better place to be with a new positioning and optimized content.

When a leading wellness player asked us to position them as the go-to wellness app for businesses and establish them as leaders in a growing market.

The client

It’s pretty straightforward: when people get stressed, they use Calm. But this cortisol killer wanted to venture into the B2B space to help businesses support the mental health of their teams. Enter Calm Business: a mental fitness platform and app that offers content to help with stress, sleep, mental health and meditation. Calm was aiming to reach HR and Benefits leaders in big companies that would purchase a license and offer the app to employees for free.

The crux

Calm Business was in a uniquely beautiful place – it had a near-perfect product-market fit in an industry that was taking off in a big way. But because the employee wellness market was booming, it meant competitors were in a land grab for the biggest clients – and the first atop the hill would be hard to displace.

Calm’s goals were clear: seize market leadership now by winning the lion’s share of enterprise accounts. In turn, Calm needed to become – and be recognized as – the clear category leader, justifying a premium price over the long term. Calm’s brand already had the credibility it needed – but they needed to get loud about their market enterprise app and the benefits it brought people. Enter a gaggle of excitable Velociraptors.

A new positioning

We worked with Calm to develop a new positioning that made HR leaders the hero of the story  – one that didn’t just position them as support for their people, but also made them enablers of greater productivity, culture and harmony at scale. This promotional video we wrote and produced sums it up pretty well.

Calming (and optimized) content

Calm didn’t just want to talk about employee wellbeing – it wanted to be the trusted resource for businesses seeking to take better care of their people. And, hey, if that meant simultaneously supercharging its SERP performance, then that would be just fine. Our creatives worked hand in hand with our performance team on two key updates. First, a long-form Employee Wellbeing SEO hub packed with content that simultaneously helped HR leaders and pleased the almighty Google search algorithm. Second, a revamp of the resource section of their B2B site to create a repository of insightful, entertaining and useful content, tagged and filtered for intuitive user discovery.

We also rolled out an eBook with a series of principles for employee wellbeing – again targeting HR and Benefits leaders with rich and easily digestible content, told with the confidence, personality and passion that’s become part and parcel of the Calm Business brand.

Getting serious about sleep

Ever laid in bed at night, tossing and turning, mind racing, watching your alarm tick ever closer to an increasingly groggy and unpleasant morning? We’ve been there. And so have the folks at Calm Business – and they wanted to help protect this precious and often underappreciated part of your health. So we created the Sleep Infographic: a deeper dive into how poor sleep affects employee wellbeing, and how Calm’s app can help soothe the journey into the Land of Nod.