Bringing Smarter GTM™ to life with Demandbase’s new voice and visual identity.

When a global MarTech company asked us to redefine their story, overhaul their visual identity and develop a website that brought clarity to their myriad of products.

The client

Demandbase is a MarTech giant that bridges the gap between sales and marketing so companies can spot opportunities earlier, engage more intelligently, and close deals faster.

It has a ton of different offerings that all work together to give companies rich, reliable account intelligence.

The crux

Demandbase came to us for a new brand identity and voice. They wanted something bold, friendly, approachable, trustworthy, and easy to use. This was no small challenge for a company whose platform lives on four separate clouds, each one offering about a zillion different innovative things to its clients. (We counted).

So we started as we always do: by diving straight in, burying ourselves in the complexity of the offering. Our goal? To cast off a staid and steady existing reputation with incisive new messaging and positioning. To take the perception of Demandbase from “Solid company. If I need to do ABM advertising, I’ll look them up.” to “These guys get where B2B is going—and they’ll help me get there.”

A new story

The end goal was to overhaul Demandbase’s brand and website while keeping its main value proposition front of mind: that they enable sales and marketing teams to spot opportunities earlier and close deals faster.

To achieve this, we had to get deep into the existing messaging and product details to disentangle the overarching themes, individual clouds and services Demandbase provides.

Once we were comfy with the (frankly, enormous) offer, we boiled our tasks into four clear steps:

  • Tell a cohesive, resonant story to help a complex brand stand out in market crowded with respected competitors
  • Drive clarity out from the middle by naming a lot of abstract and hard-to-describe concepts
  • Build FOMO by pulling out simple (but unmissable) outcomes from complex products
  • Establish an exciting voice balanced with authority and a down-to-earth tone


The result? A new story about Smarter GTM™, Demandbase’s all-encompassing ABM approach that meets buyers where they are and delivers tangible, bottom-line-boosting results.

Two teams, one (gigantic) website

Demandbase’s website is big. Properly big. And the deadline was tight. Properly tight.

We started out as we usually do – working in lockstep with the Demandbase team to align on the structure of the new site. But when it came time to execute, we had a huge undertaking on our hands: a brand new sitemap and navigation system to implement, existing pages to rebrand and revoice, and new pages to write, design, and build from scratch.

To deliver this on time, we knew we had to divide and conquer with the Demandbase team. We wrote, designed, and built examples of each of the core pages on the site that they then used as guides to build similar pages.

In addition to building out modules and handling the bulk of the migration, we also built a custom mega menu for them. Mega being the focus here: we had our devs pushing the boundaries of their wildest imaginations (and knowing our devs, that’s a somewhat scary prospect).

This cross-company collaboration allowed us to go live on our target launch date – something that wouldn’t have been achievable for either us or Demandbase on our own.

And just to clarify, the goliath we’re talking about here only encompassed The redesign and restructure of Demandbase’s resource center came next. You can check out our team’s work on DBCentral at