Ubiquity’s messaging needed revolutionizing to gain ground in a hugely competitive market.

The client

Startups need all the support they can get when it comes to customer services. Because when you’re fighting tooth and nail to find new customers, it can be easy to overlook the ones you’ve already got.

Ubiquity provides that support, giving ambitious startups the resources, confidence and strategy to deliver world-class customer service at scale. A simple concept; but delivered in one of the most saturated and competitive markets on the planet.

The crux

Ubiquity’s customers loved them. But the company faced a challenge: outside of word-of-mouth and previous relationships, it was hard to bring new and cold prospects into the fold. They needed to freshen up their messaging, ramp up SERP and build a content engine that continuously grew awareness and generated leads.

A website overhaul and user journey refresh

Ubiquity’s messaging was earnest and honest but it was failing to differentiate its brand in a sea of copycat competitors. So we overhauled key pages with copy that addressed their audience’s core concerns and reflected Ubiquity’s positioning: a partner that can give you confidence in the most important customer-facing moments. Then we set to work on designing and building a number of brand new pages with UX best practices that would not only extend Ubiquity’s story, but also create a more seamless user journey and support lead generation.

An ‘always on’ approach

Sharper messaging and a smoother journey was only half the goal though; we also needed a way to continuously supplement our demand and lead gen content engine. Guided by in-depth monthly performance reporting, our creatives, account managers and performance teams worked in lockstep with Ubiquity to develop and execute a steady stream of timely, performance-backed assets across multiple channels.

Our approach gave us the opportunity to optimize our campaign assets based on up-to-date results, keeping high-performing, fresh creative in the market. The goal? To keep Ubiquity’s brand front-of-mind for prospects looking to enter the market or switch providers.

SEO Hubs

Ubiquity had a serious SERP deficiency. Their website was lacking organic traffic – and what little it did receive rarely turned into leads for sales to pursue. They needed to increase brand awareness and organic traffic, while boosting their search rankings for queries related to relevant industry topics. Enter the SEO ‘Hub’…

Our SEO experts and creatives worked together to identify four thematic areas that would attract organic traffic. Then we built a dedicated web page around each of these themes, containing interconnected content that both answered their audience’s most prominent questions, gave a substantial boost to Ubiquity’s SEO and online presence, and underscored the company’s core messaging.


5 /10%+

MOM Search impressions

20 +

Search position


Core branded keyword in the top 5 search results