Informatica: geeks and glory

Informatica is the hottest company in the hottest market on earth: data management. They help their customers do amazing things with data, so it’s a goldmine for content people like us.

Content strategies

Through intensive input (powered by top-notch biscuits) we help capture Informatica’s best stories in a range of content playbooks that guide everything we do.

Content that demystifies

We interview experts inside and outside of Informatica to analyze the issues their prospects care most about. Some powerful content pieces are the result.

The odd intemperate rant

Informatica hates seeing data being wasted or badly managed. We like to capture that passion and pump it into slideshare rants:

Tracking everything

Franz Aman is one of the most progressive B2B marketers we’ve ever met. He and his team are developing a robust digital marketing model using every weapon in the new B2B arsenal. Content plays a key part in that. For more about Informatica’s approach to Big Data Marketing, read the Naked Marketing blog series  — it’s excellent.