When Learnship asked us to unite two companies with a story, brand and site that made the market nod

The client

Learnship trains people around the world in business language skills and cross-cultural communication. Its platform helps companies grow faster, sell more, collaborate better and win a bigger share of new markets (compared to companies that rely on ad hoc training or software-only solutions).

The crux

Learnship had merged with Global English and needed a brand to unite these two diverse companies into a single compelling offer and brand, while making Learnship famous for what it does. To do that, we needed to convince the target audience that English taught the Learnship way is a key enabler of corporate success.

A new messaging angle

We knew that reinvigorating Learnship’s brand required a shift in messaging. We needed to go after bigger fish and speak to them with compelling, confident conviction.

So we shifted from selling to local enterprises, to selling at a global level. We also transitioned to ‘audience-in’ storytelling, rather than simply stating what we do.

The merger of these two brands was an opportunity to reinvent what corporate business language learning is. We needed a positioning that evangelized this message and elevated Learnship’s brand with clear, compelling, useful, fun storytelling.

A new positioning

Learnship is dedicated to helping global virtual teams overcome the barriers preventing distributed collaboration. When companies overcome these barriers they increase employee engagement, improve customer service, and accelerate expansion into global markets.

We call it “The Diversity Dividend’.

Learnship helps global companies unleash the disruptive power of diversity by attacking the language and cultural obstacles that stop their distributed teams succeeding. Its platform delivers three critical things to make this happen: a dynamic deployment model, a precision learning method, and contextual content.

A new multi-lingual website to take the brand to market globally.

There were over 60 pages to stand-up, track and edit (and that’s just in English). We built the site in a framework that supports 7 languages and worked intensively to train the Learnship folks how to use the CMS to ensure the site could go live in every language simultaneously.

A refreshed brand identity

We wanted to communicate more energy to our audience of Chief Learning Officers, program managers, learners, and trainers. So we developed an evocative illustration system that made a hero of language development.

A clear marketecture system and product hierarchy

We merged Learnship and Global English’s two offerings, future-proofed for further product expansion or a move into B2C. This involved merging, organizing & renaming 15+ products from two companies into a coherent offering — and one that’s got a strong and beautiful design system built to grow.


Huge companies to unite in a single compelling offering


Products merged, organized and re-named


Multi-language web pages to build, track and launch