When OnProcess asked for a story, campaign and site to open the MQL floodgates

When we were asked to deliver 200+ MQLs per month with a super-modern, reimagined website

The client

OnProcess – a service supply chain specialist that needed to stand out with a new story, brand and website.

The crux

Sustainable businesses need an integrated service supply chain. That’s what OnProcess does really, really well. But it’s a niche specialism that needs carefully curated marketing to help all the value bubble to the surface. They asked for help in bringing a new story, brand, website and launch campaign to market that’d get the leads rolling in.

A new positioning

OnProcess delivers smart, efficient, sustainable supply chains that make the world go round. But they needed more creative energy to illustrate their impact. Welcome to the New Service Supply Chain Era.

OnProcess have a sophisticated platform to help companies improve the performance and sustainability of their service supply chain. When we spoke, they described a great product, a compelling vision and ambitious growth plans. But their marketing didn’t reflect that.

They needed a story that articulated their vision of a new supply chain for a new world — where supply chain optimization unlocked massive, connected value: by cutting waste, slashing emissions, improving productivity and saving a whole load of money. So we hinged their narrative on that: OnProcess as a pioneer, guiding companies through the sharing, Circular Economy.

A brand new identity

We completely refreshed the OnProcess brand to appeal to the kind of customer their new story spoke to: someone pragmatic, forward-facing and looking to the future of tech-enabled sustainability and supply chain transformation.

We went modern, introducing a bold, bright green—to cement their intrinsic links to sustainability and green thinking. Exciting new imagery—to make them stand out clearly and to lean into the tech aesthetic.

Kick-ass creative

OnProcess now had a fresh story — and brand — in place. But its existing creative assets — website, blog, socials — were now out of date. In fact, they presented an inaccurate picture to the world.

New website

We kicked things off with a complete website overhaul. We needed to evangelize OnProcess’ new story and position them as the clear partner of choice for forward-thinking, service supply chain management — while refining tight user journeys that galvanized prospects to take action.

A reimagined platform

Q: How do you translate an impressive-but-complex tech stack into an easily digested format?

A: After fiendish debate, design and motion video won out. Basic design elements grew into a 3D model and an animated video showing OnProcess’s different layers, and how they related to each other. We also brought this to life through some swanky 3D printing.

An ambitious ABM campaign (with slick new content)

With the website live, we set up a powerful demand generation engine to snag high profile prospects. LinkedIn and syndicated content put in some hard yards, and a bespoke nurture campaign re-engaged cold leads to warm them up for refreshed sales conversations.

A roster of new content helped drive this process, including:

A visionary video
to sell the dream and get people excited.

A set of industry-focused ebooks
to educate the market on the power of technology for the service supply chain business

A comprehensive Buyer’s Guide
to act as an information-packed takeaway, plus a sales brochure—generous on the nitty-gritty detail and specificities.

2 4 7 %

Increase in website visitors

6 . 1 2 %

Increase in goal completions

4 0 %

Growth in revenue YoY

Campaign performance

Consistent delivery of 200+ MQLs per month (100% on target)