Constellant: a B2B relaunch and makeover was one of the best-kept secrets in the SaaS world.

A fantastic company with crazy-loyal customers buried under a complex story, out-of-date website and a company name that just didn’t fit any more. The company had completely changed but their face to the world hadn’t.

They turned to Velocity to change all that, fast.

Here’s what we did:

A positioning project
A new company name
A new visual identity
A new website

A new galvanizing story

Working closely with CEO Bhavesh Patel and his team, we re-positioned the company around the idea of….

Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service
The new secret weapon for platform companies in winner-takes-all markets.

It’s a new category; a compelling vision; and a true reflection of what customers love about these guys. And we wrote a killer Galvanizing Story around it (wassat you say?).

But… about that company name….

DeveloperProgram is now...

Renaming a company is exciting, fun, challenging… and hard.

We do a LOT of work up front, getting stakeholders aligned, defining what good looks like and ruling out different territories.

The winner: Constellant

It evokes constellations of companies… connections between things… space… future…

It’s a coined word, so sounds a bit funny at first. But we all got over that in days.

And today, the team says, “This is us.”

A total company make-over

New story. New name. Time for a whole new visual identity—logo, fonts, color palette and photo treatment… all captured in a crisp, clear guideline doc.

We explored three different territories, around ideas like value exchange, containers/vessels and (the winner) ecosystems.

A few rounds later and we feel we arrived at something strong, clear, on-strategy and super-flexible—for all the different channels and applications needed.


A new company emerges

Pretty intensive work on personas and user journeys led to a strong information architecture.

A new design emerged naturally from this and from the new brand guidelines. Exciting!

The baseplate: solving for every component:

And the result: coded by the Constellant team

Coming soon:

The content strategy, key content pieces, demand gen program… and early results!