B2B websites

Your website used to be an online brochure. Now, it’s your shop window, marketing platform, content library, social hub and service centre.

Velocity creates content-centric B2B websites that work hard and look great. We do it by following an annoyingly rigorous process that starts with the user… and ends there too.

Sprint Business responsive website

Ever spend any time on a mobile operator’s website? We don’t blame you. With Sprint Business, there are tons of reasons to stick around. So we wanted to make a B2B website (and tablet and mobile site) that didn’t look or feel or read like a B2B website.

Office Fuel content hub

Office Fuel is a big deal. It needed an exciting web presence, full of video and eBooks and helpful content about all that tech that makes offices hell (but should make them heaven).

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IIJ Europe

Japan’s leading hosting provider is now in Europe. We couldn’t out-shout the competition (and wouldn’t really want to try). So we whispered.

Basis Website

Who would have thought something called ‘SAP optimization’ actually helps human beings do important things? Exactly.


AmeriQuest has a complex story to tell. So it’s hugely important to refrain from burying people in techno-speak. Lighten up and they might stick around for a while…

SilverRail website

SilverRail is totally disrupting international rail travel. That means changing the perceptions of rail carriers, travel operators, business travel departments and travellers. A fresh new website show’s they’re as cutting edge in voice and style as they are in their technology. Bring on the renaissance of rail.