B2B videos

Video is a great way to turn a complex, technical offer into a simple, compelling story. Or to poke someone in the eye with a provocative idea. Or to surprise, tickle, inform, educate, entertain or impress.

In short, there’s not a lot video can’t do. And that’s why we love it so much.

Iron Mountain

People store their backup tapes in some pretty strange places.

It kind of feels like a good idea… until it doesn’t. And it’s too late.


This video has something like 45 separate shots in three minutes. That’s a hell of a busy shoot. All done in two days in a sound stage in Ealing (or some similar hell-hole).

I Work For Them

Turns out the people who make decisions about telecoms and stuff are human beings. Who knew? (BTW: You might see some familiar faces on the wall the guy walks past at 0:13-0:15).

Hit the ground running

Workplace-as-a-Service is all about hitting the ground running in a new city. So we told the story with feet. Happy feet. Happy, clappy, dancing feet. And pizza.

Surface Prep and Painting in Aerospace

Kimberly-Clark is enlightened. They know that selling to manufacturers starts with helping manufacturers. This video celebrates the people who do one of the most dangerous jobs in industry.

Fleet Telematics

LeasePlan had 90 seconds to get across the benefits of telematics without scaring people. This award-winning video was out best shot at that.

Stop-motion for SkillSurvey

You know those wooden peg-and-hole toys kids play with? Yeah, those. We love those. This video looks like stop-motion animation but we faked it with Cinema 4D.

Personalise everything! Personalise everywhere!

No two humans are alike. So why is your website experience the same for everyone? Monetate thinks that stinks. So we made this shouty, frothing-at-the-mouth video to convince people like you.