B2B Infographics

Since the drawings on the walls of the Lascaux caves, infographics have been intriguing, baffling and pissing people off.

We’ve been big believers in them since reading the pioneering work of Edward Tufte (Google him — inspirational stuff). Ryan Skinner even wrote a Taxonomy of Infographics on the blog that still gets like half our website visits.

Of course, since infographics got all bandwagony, there are a hell of a lot of bad ones out there. We try to do good ones. Visuals that capture a story or simplify a complex idea or make data come to life.

Sometimes we fail. It’s actually way harder than it looks.

A logic tree

Deciding whether you’d benefit from Workplace-as-a-Service is pretty simple. So we made it complex (looking). But fun too.

Kimberly Clark: how hands get hurt

Hand injuries are a big thing in manufacturing (who knew?). Kimberly Clark wants to help stop that. This infographic is a step: convincing prospects that they understand the problem and have some good ideas for solving it.

What hotel owners need to know about EAN

Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) is the division of Expedia that offers hotel rooms across a huge network of partner sites (airlines, travel sites… places like that).

This graphic is a quick introduction to EAN for hotel owners and operators: a quick, simple, ‘who, what, where and why’.

The Salesforce world tour: best bits

The London leg of the Salesforce World Tour is the company’s second biggest event after Dreamforce. This graphic – which we made to make the event last longer – is an easily digestible visual of some of the most important numbers, quotes and takeaways.

The epic Epicor timeline

Epicor wanted to tell the story of the importance and complexity of their CIO and ERP solutions. We wanted to tell this story in a clear, linear journey so people could get their head round the advances they’ve made. This is a timeline showing the developments and transformations they’ve made in back office support to support people and platforms.