The new media message

The new
media message

Why innovation stories deserve
innovative formats

If you think about it –
there’s really only one
tech story.

"The old way of doing things made sense.
But then the world changed.

Now there’s a new way of doing things.
And it makes a lot more sense."

Every paradigm shift, every
strategic leap forward, and
every disruption

is a demonstration
of this neat, little story.

Because when we’re selling
innovation, we’re selling a better
way to do things.
We’re selling change.

But here’s the thing – just telling
this story isn’t enough anymore.

We’re living through the most
exciting era in the history of tech.
And we’re drowning in a flood
of innovation stories.

If we want our stories heard,
we’ve got to pierce through the
collective noise of all the other
marketers and publishers and
Kardashians out there.

We’ve got to embrace the
change we’re selling and
become as innovative as the
companies we serve.

We’ve got to start
thinking just a little bit

Switch to
these guys.

Keep swiping

Let’s think about
how we got here.

When the Internet first hit marketing
we did what people always do when
they start playing with new media.

We took what we were good
at doing in old media and then
ported it over to the web.

So our


Our slideshares

look like presentations.

And our
look like,

 What we didn’t do was get good
 at using digital media to do the
 things only digital media can do.

So just when we need new
ways to tell our stories,
it’s important we realize…

Our ‘better way of doing
things’ is staring us right
in the face.

Because a screen is so much
more than just digital paper.

A screen is
a window.

It has height.

It has breadth.

It has


A screen can suck you in.

It has physical character
when we want it.

And digital freedom
when we need it.

It can send
different readers in
different directions.

Pick a route

So you can say one thing to
one group and another thing
to another group.

It can follow your
story all the way down
into the weeds.

So you can let some of
your readers drill deeper.

That might seem like
a nice-to-have.

But when you tell your reader they
can drill deeper, you’re telling them
your story’s worth a deeper dive.

And rewarding them
for wanting more.

A screen can even make
the marketers behind it a
whole lot smarter.

This is all the
data generated
by you, right now.
Cool, right?

Mouse-X: 000

Mouse-Y: 000

Elapsed time: 0   

Total slides read: 0

Total unique slides read: 0

Slide child position: 0

Slide clicks – random: 0

Slide clicks – targeted: 0

Slide position: 0

Slide url: 0

Time on previous slide: 0

Average time on slides: 0

Put simply, a screen gives us
everything we need to blow our
reader’s socks off.

Make no mistake:
our listicles and whitepapers
and blog posts and eBooks
and slideshares and case
studies all do important jobs.

But in our bid to standardize
and industrialize content
marketing – we’ve fallen into
a dangerous trap.

We’ve made it predictable.







If we want our stories
to be surprising,
our storytelling needs
to be surprising too.

So let’s use screens
to do what only screens
can do.

So our audiences
can appreciate what
only we can do.

"The old way of doing things made sense.
Until the world changed.

Now there’s a new way of doing things.
And it makes a lot more sense."

This is a Velocity String.

It’s a format we’ve been working on
to tell more engaging B2B technology stories.
We’re pretty excited about it.

Tell me more

Beam me back up

It’s based on the open source framework
Reveal.js and it combines deep interactivity
with granular measurability to give B2B
marketers the swagger their stories deserve.

(We can even get a
form in this thing.)

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Some strings we’ve done for clients

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