Content Marketing Partners: The Spectrum

Want a quick reference guide to all of the various hues of content marketing partner? Look no further than this infographic.

In the five years from 2008 (when we published the Content Marketing Workbook), content marketing grew from a little-known tactic embraced by a few start-ups and bloggers to the core of most sustainable digital marketing strategies.

As marketers go from content marketing novice to practitioner, they stop asking what it is and how to do it, and begin to ask rather “who do I work with?” To help marketers answer that, we developed an infographic that maps out the content marketing partner landscape.

It’s a large and unruly scene, and – given content marketing’s momentum – new suppliers are pouring in. We’ve isolated twenty different kinds of content marketing partner and listed them on an ascending price scale; for each kind, we identified some of their pro’s and con’s, picked out an archetype and included an online list to help marketers find them.

It’s an interactive PDF with links; just punch the image below to get it (no forms to fill out).

An infographic illustrating the landscape of content marketing partners, with examples and lists


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