B2B Masters Video – On the relationship between B2B sales and marketing

John Watton of Expedia Affiliate Network and Velocity MD Stan Woods discuss the changing nature of the relationship between B2B sales and B2B marketing teams.

What are imperatives for today’s marketers when it comes to the sales team? Does marketing get respect from sales for the ability to drive leads? Does it deserve that respect?

In this second short clip from the B2B Masters interview of John Watton by Velocity’s
Stan Woods, the two focus on the delicate relationship between sales and marketing.

Some juicy quotes from the segment:

“Understanding the mindset of the B2B salesman is very important…A lot of what you’re trying to achieve is make a salesforce successful.”

“Gradually you’re getting into conversations about looking at the broader pipeline, and not about the places marketing used to stop at.”

“You’ve got so much more scope to innovate how you do things and deliver results without having to do a 6-month scoping project, call in senior management, fight for a 6-figure budget and so on.”

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Great video. I agree that all marketers should have the understanding of how sales people work and think.

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