Why ShipServ won a 2009 CRM Market Award

Glittering Prize

Once again, ShipServ has ‘scooped’ a marketing award (why are awards always scooped?) — this time the 2009 CRM Market Awards run by CRM Magazine.  ShipServ, piloted by CMO John Watton, won a CRM Elite Award given to customer implementations that push new boundaries.

The judges recognised ShipServ “for its holistic use of Marketo, Salesforce.com, and social media” — including viral video, eBooks, Twitter and a LinkedIn group (we’re kind of proud of our work on all these).

We don’t know of any other B2B marketer who uses the Marketo/Salesforce integration so effectively. Add in the content marketing and social media aspect and ShipServ does pretty amazing things on very little budget.  This is how B2B marketing should work. It maximises the power of digital marketing to create a real marketing funnel that nurtures and scores leads before turning them over to the sales team.

The result is a completely different relationship between marketing and sales. Instead of mutual recrimination, the two teams at ShipServ work closely together to drive revenues.  And it’s working.  Well scooped, John.


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