What B2B marketers can learn from Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is a donkey
Charlie Sheen on Good Morning America earlier this week

Charlie Sheen has shown himself to be a new class of braying moron: the braying moron who thinks that a sit-com character is the same thing as a human being.
But what can B2B marketers learn from Charlie Sheen?
Just don’t be a braying moron.
And if you decide to experiment with trending topics in your blog titles, do a much better job than I just did.
You might get a brief traffic spike but you’ll also get a monster bounce rate (and risk looking like a bandwagon-chasing, personal-brand-building. self-promoting pop culture addict).
Experiment over.


Charlie Sheen photo: Creative Commons: Kylie the fabulous


Lesson dutifully noted 😉

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