We’re live and unfiltered on Facebook. Join us!


Perhaps a little less polished but a little more rounded, we’re now on Facebook.

Ever wanted to see two B2B marketers in an honest-to-goodness slapping competition?

Curious which of Velocity’s clients was recently named one of the 9 hottest startups by CIO magazine?

Wondered what it sounds like in Velocity Towers when no one knows you’re listening?

Would you like to hear Velocity’s unedited and uncut comments and ideas about B2B marketing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re going to like what we’re trying to do with our new Facebook page. All these things are already there, and more is on its way…

I’m calling it “Unfiltered Velocity”, and the idea is to share all things Velocity without as much varnish as you’d find elsewhere. It’ll still be B2B marketing, more or less, but more immediate. Without any polish. Warts and all.

We’ll share pictures of stuff we see. Record ideas and thoughts that we have. Share posts and pictures and videos of things we find important.

At least, we’ll do it for a while, then we’ll see how it’s going.

So drop by on Facebook and like us. And see our zits and warts and stuff. (And once we’ve got 100 “Likes” Doug will write and produce another R-rated Xtranormal video!)


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