We’re all B2B content brands now

We just did a guest post for the excellent B2BBloggers on how we’re all becoming content brands now — and some tips for how to build a strong B2B content brand.  As content marketing gains currency, just having a new eBook won’t be enough. The post summarizes some thoughts for an era of ubiquitous B2B content.

Thought you might enjoy it.


Glad I found you because we’re birds of a feather. I also look at tech companies and used to head sales and marketing for a London based search marketing firm. Love your eBook too. As the author of 3 white papers, I love the witty, irreverent style – but I’d expect nothing less from the Brits. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
President, Find New Customers
@fearlesscomp on Twitter

Thanks Jeff. Much appreciated.
I just downloaded your Definitive Guide to Making Quota. Nice one!
Clear and well-argued.

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