Velocity takes New Media Age Awards by storm (but loses)

Velocity at the New Media Age Effectivness Awards
Velocity at the New Media Age Effectiveness Awards

We were thrilled to have been a Finalist for the Best B2B Campaign in the New Media Age Effectiveness Awards, celebrated the other night at the Grosvenor House Hotel. We thought our work with ShipServ deserved it, to be honest.

But we didn’t bloody win. Microsoft did. Which kind of sucks.

On the bright side, we enjoyed a lovely smoked cherry tomato and caramelised red onion tart served with lime essence and aubergine caviar (we didn’t even know aubergines laid eggs). Followed by a grilled rump of lamb on a bed of lentil ratatouille with cardomom lamb jus (oh, when will I rest my own tired rump for just one night on a bed of lentil ratatouille?).

Are we bitter? You bet your arse we’re bitter. To be beaten is one thing. To be beaten by Microsoft is quite another.


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