Velocity B2B Marketing Newsletter May 2008

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Roger Warner

22. 05. 2008 | 3 min read

Velocity B2B Marketing Newsletter May 2008

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What Your Sales Team Says About You Behind Your Back

Sales people think marketers are wankers.

Marketers think sales people are ham-fisted brutes.

This antipathy is a major reason that so much B2B marketing is so… mediocre.

Your friends at Velocity have just published a short, sharp paper on this topic. It’s called Marketing, meet Sales, and and it offers eleven ways to make your marketing actually drive sales. Follow the principles and you’ll create marketing that even the most churlish sales guy will credit.

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Download it now!

So what else is new in town…..?

Where do we start?

Put Google Adwords to work.
Roger, our resident digital marketing avatar, has written a clear, compelling explanation of pay-per-click in B2B, called, How to PPC in B2B: Five Rules for Effective Lead Generation. We’ve done some strong PPC campaigns recently and this paper harvests what we’ve learned. You need to know this stuff.

Web Usability for the rest of us.
In case you missed Roger’s paper on Web Usability, we strongly recommend it. In a few pages, it boils down usability to the essential principles and includes a FREE photo tour of Clapham Junction station. A thought-provoking read for your next lunch break.

‘Web Motion’ – drive your web marketing to the next level.
You’ve got a great website. Now what? Velocity has developed a new approach to web marketing that starts with a thorough analysis of your site, your keywords and your search performance and goes on to harness social media, blogs, online PR and web analytics. We call it Web Motion and we’re using it to generate some pretty startling results for our early adopter clients. Want to know more? Then see here.

A web site is born.
We’re quite proud of the new site for ShipServ, the e-marketplace for ship supplies. Thanks to John Watton, marketing director, for creating the brief and the space to do great work.

Welcome Stuart Rothwell. Long Live Velocity Design.
He’s our new Senior Designer. He’s a Liverpool fan. And he’s already done some stunning work for clients like Forescout , ShipServ, Gartner, ipaccess and dotMobi. Watch this space. Tricking Stuart into joining us was a major coup. Whatever you do, don’t tell him what you know about us.

Agency seeks writer.
We’re actively recruiting a new copywriter. If you know someone who loves writing & learning about technology and business, give them our number or point them here.

Velocity wins new business.
If you don’t want any kind of help with your marketing, for God’s sake avoid meetings with Stan Woods, our intrepid MD.

Stan, voluntarily or otherwise, emits a pheromone that makes marketing directors roll over on their backs while reaching for their chequebooks. It’s kind of spooky actually. In the last 6-8 weeks, Stan has lured in some of the sharpest pencils in the marketing box, including:

Datanomic – the data quality boffins
dotMobi – the only domain name for mobile websites
Forescout – the Gods of network access control
Magus – and their fantastic Website Quality Management app
Shipserv – the only e-marketplace for ship supplies
VNL – changing the world through microtelecom

We’re more than thrilled to be working for such a great group of new clients – not to mention our equally lovely older clients (have we told you lately that we love you?).

If it moves, we blog it.
The Velocity blog is rolling nicely. It’s becoming a hot bed of insight and best practice guidance for all the important trends in marketing: SEO, lead generation, content and copywriting, social media, web relations, Pay Per Click and more…. If you haven’t tuned in already, we recommend you bookmark it or grab our RSS feed here.

Onward and upward!

Thanks for reading. Until next time….

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