V Shortlisted for Glittering B2B Gong

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Doug Kessler

10. 07. 2009 | 2 min read

V Shortlisted for Glittering B2B Gong

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We’re pleased as Punch to have been shortlisted for a B2B Marketing Magazine Award for our recent work with ShipServ.  It’s hard to come over all surprised about it – after all, we did complete the rather arduous application process – but we’re still really encouraged when good work gets some recognition.  Not for ourselves, mind you (heaven forfend) but for our clients, who so often toil in the shade of our mighty talent.

In this case, it was we who toiled in the shadow of John Watton, marketing captain of HMS ShipServ. John sees a good idea (or, more often, has one) and just goes for it.  The campaign got shortlisted for the category we’d want our kid to win on school prize-giving day: Best Limited Budget Campaign (the ‘Kindness & Courtesy Cup’ of the B2B world). For, alas, Watton is also a god-damn cheapskate (we’d insert a winky emoticon here if I knew how to do them… — ;{) no that’s not it… “[-}*)… nope… oh to hell with it).

The work was a social media and content marketing blitz executed on the rather disappointing budget of £20k. And it moved some mountains for ShipServ, as Stan touched on in a recent pithy post.  Now, we don’t want all you bastards to come out of the woodwork asking us to move mountains for £20k. We did this because we like John and, whoever you may be, I think the chances are pretty good that we don’t like you.  Think six figures or Stan stays in bed.

Marketing costs money and next year, we want to win the ‘Best Multimedia Extravaganza Shot on St Lucia’ award, a whopping 17 categories higher up on the Gala Dinner list than Best Limited Budget Campaign (on the big night, the finalists for our measly award sit in a cupboard eating take-away curry, watching the B-level comic compère on CCTV while the Extravaganza Boys get a front row table groaning with foie gras. Life is many things but fair is only very occasionally one of them.)

So anyway, we who roam the Velocity campus are today roaming with champagne flutes, blowing kisses to each other and ‘doing’ lunch instead of eating it.  It’s a mah-velous day and we’re going to bloody well enjoy it.

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