Twitter in B2B – a Velocity Slideshare

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Doug Kessler

30. 03. 2009 | 2 min read

Twitter in B2B – a Velocity Slideshare

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In the last few months, Twitter has shot from being a cult web app to a full-blown global fad.  Celebrities are doing it (Stephen Fry has 361,225 followers as of today); businesses are doing it (not just techie ones either); bloggers are doing it; and, yes, lonely people are doing it. ShouldB2B marketers be doing it?

It’s not just that we’re a bit geeky (guilty), but we are curious about all new media as it evolves — and it’s our job to know about these things.  So we jumped in fairly early to have a go.

At first, it felt like an exclusively personal tool for keeping up with friends and family.  But over time, we’ve started to build up a decent following of people interested in B2B marketing (and other markets for our clients) and we’re starting to see the benefits.

Twitter is already playing a role in our content marketing campaigns — for finding topics, inviting input and promoting the finished pieces.  It’s all about the Engagement.

Here’s a quick Slideshare on the seven ways we’re using Twitter for B2B marketing today. It’s received over 2,000 views since we’ve posted it. Why? Because we tweeted about it.



Note: people have pointed out that links put in tweets do not generate any backlink juice as Twitter adds a nofollow to each one (telling the search spiders to crawl elsewhere).  I still think Twitter generates link love so kept the slide in — this morning someone put a link to a presentation I tweeted about into a blog comment.There’s definitely something real going on here beyond the buzz that surrounds everything new.  Few fads stay hot (remember the Second Life hype cycle?) but Twitter is here to stay.

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