Top B2B bloggers: we have favourites and we’re not ashamed of it

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14. 10. 2010 | 2 min read

Top B2B bloggers: we have favourites and we’re not ashamed of it

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We’ve been fishing around and come up with a digest of recent blog posts and B2B resources that we think are pretty cracking. Have a look and see if you agree.

Jeff Ogden’s blog is consistently good, but we particularly liked his series on How To Grow Revenue: Six Keys to Marketing Success. They are: simplify, entertain, educate, serve, listen – and the last one – share. This is a message we can all get behind – it’s the bedrock of content marketing and the new way of doing things we evangelized in our B2B Marketing Manifesto.

Marketing + Brains = We’re keen on science at Velocity, and we also like brains. So Patsi Krakoff’s post on neuroscience and writing persuasive content really appealed to our inner zombie. Have a look, it’s useful stuff.

Now or later? Sales are always complaining that marketing aren’t giving them enough of the right kind of leads. The mismatch between the two departments is a classic problem in lots of companies, but you have to understand why it happens – and how to stop it. Ardath Albee dissects the problem here.

Un peu de Savvy fare (if this pun gets past Doug I’ll eat my hat). Savvy B2B Marketing always have their fingers so firmly on the pulse that they risk giving someone an accidental Vulcan Death Grip. They’ve done it again with a post on engaging people with your blog. According to Forrester, “most B2B blogs are dull, drab, and don’t stimulate discussion”. Ouch. Make sure yours isn’t one of those by reading what the Savvy Sisters recommend.

Getting your hands dirty This blog from dirty hands marketing calls marketers “marketeers”, which I love because it makes us sound like buccaneers, musketeers, privateers… basically everything cool ends in ‘eers’. Its analysis of the rebranding of shoe manufacturer Melissa is detailed and insightful: take a look.

Marketing Sherpa’s Nuggets A rundown of the most important points from the B2B Summit, courtesy of Marketo (and while you’re there, have a shufti at some of their other resources).

Never get blogger’s block again Dianna Huff has a cure for the paralysis that comes from staring at a blank page. It’s simple, cheap, and it’s good for your health. And no it isn’t Syrup of Figs. Find out what it is here.

We liked these and thought you would too.

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