The perfect direct mail list: just 23 companies

I recently received this letter, offering me a personalised number plate with my last name on it:

Kessler Vanity Plate - B2B marketing and targeted lists

The author, one Ray Kessler, needs to get rid of his vanity plate fast.  He could sell it through one of the many aggregators out there (what a business: aggregating human vanity)– and give up a huge portion of the revenue; or he could go to the Companies House website, look up all companies with a Kessler in the title (there are 23), and give it a go.

With the big fat image at the top, it’s hard to ignore. The text is short and sweet — two paragraphs.  And there’s a strong call to action: he’s selling it for around £10k and a recent sales of a similar plate fetched £34k.

Putting aside the fact that I’d rather put my ring finger in my eye than drive around with a vanity plate, I think this is pretty good direct marketing. Do you?


Yeah… Where is that ring?

Very good – short, direct and on target.

Thanks Nick. And thanks Halina for finding that ring…

Might be be a good method, but it didn’t sell. Guess i had better stick my finger in my eye.
Unless of course you have had a conversion.

Good wishes

Oh well. Still excellent marketing.
Sorry about the finger in eye comment.
Just personal taste.

(And thanks for letting us know.)

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