The Great Big Data Marketing Debate with Google and Velocity

What are marketers supposed to do with big data? Velocity and Google share some ideas tomorrow.

Tomorrow Brighttalk will host a one-hour webinar all about the frontline of data-driven marketing. It’s being billed as “The Great Big Data Marketing Debate” but god knows who’s going to argue the con side.

Our MD Stan Woods will join Stewart Stanbury of Google, Debbie Williams of Smart B2B Marketing and Lindley Gooden of Greenscreen on a live panel to answer questions like:

  • What can marketers get out of big data?
  • What are the leaders doing with big data?
  • What are the greatest obstacles to implementation?

And you can watch it right here, starting at 4 PM GMT tomorrow (that’s noon on east coast of the US, folks, due to offset daylight savings!).

[NB! If you’re on an iDevice, this may not work as it’s flash-powered. ‘fraid you’ll have to bookmark it and watch when you get back to a desktop.]


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