The B2B Marketing Fun Poll

We’re convinced that – even for the driest of B2B markets – successful marketing is fun marketing. The best marketing is almost always the marketing that was fun to create – and maybe even fun to consume. (For all the Germans out there, I wrote a post on this on our German blog.)

So if it’s so important, why isn’t fun a serious marketing metric? (Yes, marketing. Not HR.)

Before trying to come up with a complex algorithm, model or even function about how fun could be measured (I am German after all) – we just thought why not keep it simple and ask you:

[poll id=”1″]

And don’t worry. We won’t kiss and tell. This poll is anonymous.

PS: We’re also asking the exact same question on our German blog to later compare the answers. 


I remember seeing a survey in 2012 which demonstrated that marketers love their jobs – which may be replicated in your poll here.

What was interesting, though, was that the same poll asked “How safe do you feel in your job?” … and a less than positive response was collected.

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