The A/B and Multivariate Testing Resource Map

A quick intro for business marketers

Remember all those silly arguments about which headline is better or whether the blue banner works better than the red banner? Well, they’re even sillier now because there’s a simple, definitive way to answer all kinds of apparently subjective issues like these: run a test.

As the famous Which Test Won? website shows us every week, a very small change in a landing page can improve conversions by 157%.

That’s why we love A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing.

And that’s why we compiled the A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing Resource Map you see below.

It’s just a quick round-up of our favourite resources on testing but we thought you might appreciate it.

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This Resource Map is the second of our content spin-offs from the B2B Marketing Manifesto. The first one is the B2B Content Marketing Tutorial — a Prezi o

n B2B content marketing processes (you really will have to view that one in Full Screen mode).


Thanks Doug

Nice little round-up of resources and a few good tips. I particularly recommend “Which Test Won” – a great site for hours of Digital Marketing fun – sometimes I even guess right.

Hi, Doug — great map of resources!

Would just like to humbly propose my company, ion interactive, as a vendor of an MVT and A/B Testing platform.



Thanks Scott. Sorry we missed ion interactive and thanks for letting us know.

You can add on next version 🙂

Hi, the RM you proposed is great! I have a question: What do you mean with :”Are you able to set up a controlled test?”.

Hi Valentina.
That just means a test that has two cells: the test cell (with a variable changed) and the control cell (to test against).

Hope that helps.

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