Ten killer reasons to go to the B2B Marketing Forum

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Doug Kessler

26. 09. 2013 | 2 min read

Ten killer reasons to go to the B2B Marketing Forum

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I’m not a natural speaker. I’m a writer and card-carrying introvert (yes, we have cards). I felt self-conscious at my own wedding.

But when Ann Handley of Marketing Profs fame asked me to speak at this years B2B Marketing Forum in Boston, I didn’t even wait the customary three seconds to accept. I bit her arm off. Not figuratively. I left marks.

Why was I so excited abut the Profs event? Ten reasons — and they’re the same ten reasons you should cancel your plans for 9-11 October (or 10-11 if you skip the Workshop Day) and get your ass to Boston.

The Ten Reasons To Book That Ticket

1) Because this is Marketing Profs and Ann Handley.

These guys get marketing like no one else – especially B2B – and they do a fantastic job with their content, their podcasts, their training and of course, their events.

2) Because the agenda is fantastic.

Covering everything from marketing automation and Big Data to Social CRM, content creation, writing techniques, email, SEO, presentations, conversion optimization… pretty much every discipline a B2B marketer needs to master. I DEFY any marketer to come away without a notebook full of ideas.

3) The Keynotes alone are worth the price of admission.

  •  Teddy Goff—Digital Director for President Obama’s 2012 campaign
  • Larry Smith—Founder and Editor of SMITH Magazine and creator of the Six-Word Memoir Project
  • Jill Foster—Founder and Blogger at LiveYourTalk
  • Steven Shepard – Author of like 60 books….

4) And the speakers are no clouches.

Joe Chernov, Andrew Davis, Susan Emerick, Lee Odden, Joe Pulizzi, Adele Revella, Marcus Sheridan, Mike Volpe, Tim Washer, Hunter Boyle, Rob Yoegel, Jon Miller… and of course Ann Handley.

That’s a small sample – the  whole line-up is impressive. These people know their stuff and share it freely.

(I’m listed too, but they chose someone else’s photo for my bio – I can’t blame them really, this guys is much better looking.)


5) They’re coming from top B2B brands.

Like IBM, John Deere, Spiceworks,  Xerox, Aetna, Cisco., Qualcomm… heard of them?

6) And the vendors and media leading the way in all this.

Hubspot, Marketo, Moz.com, Monetate, Constant Contact, Kinvey, The Content Marketing Institute, Profs…

7) They haven’t sold the speaker slots to sponsors.

That’s always a good sign.

8) They’ve laid on the networking and drinks and finger food.

Actually the ratio of parties to work is kind of… suspicious.  But I like it that way.

 9) There’s a whole bunch of pre-conference Workshops.

On things like, Personas, Mobile, Content Marketing for small businesses and markeitng writing for non-writers (By Erika Napoletano)….

10) Time out of the office is a GOOD thing.

You WILL come away with ideas, and inspiration and a new perspective on the day job.  Guaranteed.


If that didn’t sell you a ticket, this should:

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