ShipServ wins First Tuesday ‘Most Promising Internet Company 2009’

We swelled with pride yesterday when our client ShipServ won First Tuesday‘s prestigious ‘Most promising Internet Company in the UK 2009‘ award.

First Tuesday logo

We’ve been working with the company and its CMO John Watton and CEO Paul Ostergaard since the end of 2007. For those of you that don’t know the company, it’s the leading maritime e-marketplace, helping the buyers and sellers of ship supplies to reduce the costs associated with doing business together and more than $1 billion-worth of trading goes through TradeNet, the company’s  electronic trading platform.

The success is testament to CEO Paul Ostergaard’s determination to stick with his e-marketplace vision when every other e-marketplace was falling by the wayside. And John’s innovative, creative approach to marketing is propelling ShipServ to new levels.

Congratulations to both of them and the rest of the team.


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