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Doug Kessler

05. 04. 2007 | 1 min read

Secrets & Lies

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Just finished an excellent primer on digital security: ‘Secrets & Lies’ by Bruce Schneier, the god of security.

Published in ’04 but still super-relevant.

Schneier cuts through a lot of the nonsense, deflates the hype and makes you sceptical about pretty much all security claims.

Weirdly, even though he points out dozens of attacks I never thought about, I ended up feeling fairly relaxed about security. You do what you can and hope they catch the bastards.

He’s the CTO of BT Counterpane, a Velocity client. We’ll be fliming an interview with him for a film and iPod mailer (more on this when it’s done). Looking forward to meeting the man.

Check out his Crypto-Gram newslettter

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