Psion Teklogix Takes Digital Upgrade With Velocity

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07. 05. 2009 | 2 min read

Psion Teklogix Takes Digital Upgrade With Velocity

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Psion Teklogix, a world leader in mobile productivity solutions, has launched it’s new market vision and a new website to give customers an enriched digital experience.

The launch is the latest phase of a six-month positioning and communication project with B2B technology marketing agency, Velocity Partners.  Part of the site’s remit is to communicate the new Return on Mobility™ message to key stakeholders.

Overall the site has been structured, designed and written to give customers fast, easy access to both the solutions and the thinking required to drive mobile workforce profitability.

“Our customers are used to tough environments but won’t find our site a challenge,” says Todd Boone, corporate communications director at Psion Teklogix.  “Like our mobile solutions, it has a single aim: to help our customers get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Stan Woods, MD of Velocity Partners, says: “The new messaging and website illustrate the challenge and rewards in keeping critical business information flowing.  The Return on Mobility™ story explores the technical expertise, industry know-how, business understanding and ergonomic feel found in every mobile computing solution.”

A research phase prior to the build highlighted the need to satisfy different customer personas.  Some users want fast access to products and support services, while others need detail on the value and role of mobile solutions.

“We needed a website experience for our ‘hunters’ and’ explorers’,” says Boone.  “Fast navigation to key product information is a core site function.  But we’ve backed it up with a series of story ‘lenses’ for an in-depth understanding of rugged mobile solutions and their value.  Everybody gets what they need.”

The site uses an enterprise content management systems (CMS) from the OpenText Web Solutions group.

Psion Teklogix New Site

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