Pinterest for B2B marketing: Velocity dives in

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Doug Kessler

10. 04. 2012 | 3 min read

Pinterest for B2B marketing: Velocity dives in

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At Velocity, we never let a bandwagon rattle past without at least making a token effort towards hopping on board. So when Pinterest started to pick up steam, we registered without a moment’s hesitation. Our excuse? We need to learn about this stuff even if it’s not exactly suited to our business.

As soon as we joined, we saw that Econsultancy, the digital marketing community (and Velocity clients and friends) are doing quite a good job at Pinterest — here’s the Econsultancy Pinterest board (or collection of boards or whatever). They’ve got boards for infographics, events, reports, posts about Pinterest, SEO, mobile marketing… all the kinds of things you’d hope to see from them. And it looks like they’re getting lots of re-pins.

Emboldened, we dove in. I give you The VelocityB2B Content Marketing Pinterest page.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far
In a few months playing around, we’ve learned these things about the social juggernaut-du-jour:

Pinterest is a visual medium – great pictures get shared. Bad ones don’t.

But that doesn’t mean text isn’t important – the descriptions play an important part in findability and shareability

Yes, it’s great for fashion – and other pretty-centric industries

• But that doesn’t mean it’s not good for B2B – turns out, it kind of is

Boards make it easy to set up sub-blogs – so each topic you want to pin about gets its own board

It’s an SEO booster – The links in Pinterest aren’t no-follow links like Twitter ones

It’s fun! – kind of like the scrap books we had as kids

What do we think Pinterest may be good for?
Well, it’s another channel to be discovered in — but like all social channels, it does take time, energy and attention (three scarce commodities).

We’ve heard reports of Pinterest generating more web traffic than other social channels, so we’ll watch with interest to see if that;’s true.

And we’ll see if there’s any impact on our search rankings — though that may be tricky to determine.

What would we do if we were you?

We’d start playing in Pinterest. Give it a couple hours.
Get the ‘Pin It’ button for your browser – makes it way easier
And the app for your iPhonede rigeur
And create a few relevant boards – like we did
And follow other people’s boards – like we will
And track your progress – looking at 3 metrics:  re-pins, likes and web traffic
And put a P icon on your site – so people can follow you (we’ll do this on our new website

The Velocity Pinterest boards

So far, we’ve got a board on B2B Content Marketing:

Velocity on Pinterest

And one on our B2B Content Marketing eBooks:

And a board on our B2B Videos:

VelocityB2B B2B videos on Pinterest

And a board on recent Velocity Websites that we’ve produced:

A Pinterest board of B2B websites by Velocity


And one on B2B Infographics that we’ve produced (we’ll do a board on ones we like that we didn’t produce, too):


And B2B Marketing Books we like:

Pinterest board: marketing books


And here’s one on some Velocity Clients and their smiling faces:

A Pinterest board of Velocoty B2B clients

And finally (for now), one on the other social media channels where you can find Velocity — including LinkedIn links for Stan, Neil, Ryan, Martha and I:


Velocity B2B Agency on social channels - a Pinterest board


So that’s where we’ve started out on Pinterest.

What happens next?

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. We’ll keep playing around with it and monitoring the re-pins and web traffic.  And we’ll let you know how it goes.

Some  Pinterest links

There’s a cool Pinterest infographic here, from Maximyser.

And an A-Z of brands doing interesting things on Pinterest, from Econsultancy.

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  1. Jennifer Hanford

    April 30th, 2012

    I like this post a lot, Doug. I have been debating on the use of Pinterest as a tool for B2B content and online marketing. You have illustrated that it is a possibility and a positive experience.

    I have written a post expressing a different opinion, but may now be swayed in the other direction.

    Jennifer G. Hanford

  2. Doug Kessler

    May 1st, 2012

    Thanks Jennifer.

    Early days still for Pinterest.
    It’s kind of fun but the jury’s still out on whether or not it generates any good traffic.

    One thing I like: it’s a quick, easy way to get lots of visual work on display.
    I could imagine linking to our Pinboards from our blog or site or social media — just to give people a quick look at lots of stuff.

  3. Sirius Star

    August 6th, 2012

    Useful post. Well explained ideas.

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