Pecha-Kucha: the future of Powerpoint

Pecha-kucha is the only way powerpoint should ever be used.

Twenty slides, twenty seconds each. Done.

Invented by a pair of architects in Tokyo. Pecha-kucha is pronounced to (almost) rhyme with tchotchke. If you can’t say it in 20 short slides, maybe it shouldn’t be said…


[…] are drivel, fuelled by bullets and dodgy clip art.  Doug’s already writtern about PK here.  It’s a worthy pursuit.  Think about it.  You’re presenting at a conference / […]

Great idea. I’d love to see what a class of students would do with this fmarot, given an assignment. . .Forced limitations like this usually encourage us to focus and be much more deliberate in our choices a good lesson for students. Too bad the model of PowerPoint that they see is usually rambling and full of bad clipart and too many bullet points.

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